Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wiki Wiki

Why use Wiki?
For students to be collaborators, synthesizers, explainers and problem solvers, requires them to do more than just simply memorise, rote learn and learn basic skills. Students in the 21st century need to have a broad base of knowledge and the ability to perform complex tasks effectively. This is where Authentic Assessment, problem-based learning and co-operative learning through the use of a Wiki can equip our students with that ‘base of knowledge’ and tools to perform complex tasks. Effective learning which includes the learning processes to evaluate student performance all in a new and exciting way (Davis, 2009).
As Learning Managers, pedagogically we can use Wiki’s to assess collaborative effort, visual appeal, organization, hyperlinks, original wording, spelling, grammar and punctuation and completion of task.
According to research conducted by Edgar Dale in the 1960’s, the most effective method of teaching involves direct, purposeful learning experiences. If you take a look at “Dale’s Cone of Learning”, he states “we tend to remember our level of involvement.” Learning Managers and students need to be active learners not passive learners.
Why wouldn’t you use Wiki’s, they are free, easy, they run on older computers and slower internet and they are a “think pair share” for the computer.
I know my learning has gone up, my excitement has increased and hopefully one day I will become an expert.
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