Friday, August 14, 2009

Quiz (Classmarker)

Volcano Quiz

Last term, during my three week block, I put together a mini-science unit on volcanoes. The class had previously completed a unit of work on rocks and minerals at the beginning of the term. This meant that the students were familiar with the composition of the Earth and the 3 type of rocks that cover the Earth. To start my unit of work, I asked the students to complete a pre-test. This pre-test was not assessed, but used as a guide for myself to see how much they already knew about volcanoes. I had more of an idea, after marking the pre-test, the areas I needed to concentrate more on in my future lessons.
Using ClassMarker© to create this quiz, for students to use online, was pretty straight forward. Following a few instructions and my quiz was made. For this quiz my settings included, multiple choice, 10 min time limit, students can go back and attempt the question again and for this exercise I have allowed students score, chosen answer and correct answer to be shown on competition of the test. If I had used this test as an online pre-test, I would have disabled this function, as the pre-test was only to be used as a guide for future teaching. However, on completion of the unit, students would have the opportunity to compare their results, pre and post testing.
Embedding the direct link into my Blog took a little more time to work out. This is what I did
1. Click on the external testing tab
2. Create a new group tab
3. Name your group, I called mine CQU Uni
4. Press create group
5. Click assign test tab on the left hand side
6. Choose test settings, then assign test
7. Last, click assign test tab.

To embed the URL directly into my Blog post I first clicked on the group name (in my case CQU Uni) on the left hand side, copied and pasted the URL to link directly to this test. This worked for me.
Until next time cheers :)

I do believe I am getting better at this. If first you don't succeed, try, try, try again, this is what Digitial Natives do, right.

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  1. Hey Rhonda, I have just attempted your quiz(or course I need to study up on volcanoes didn't get a very good score. But really what is success?)I have been motivated to try again with my quiz and as a very important person once said "If you don't succeed, try, try, try again, this is what Digital Natives do, right." (R.P. 2009)^ You have mastered yet another aspect of managing e-learning and I can see that you are really immersing yourself in the teaching and learning methodologies involved in this course. Best of Luck with all the future brings. Donna.