Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why teachers in schools should be blogging

Thanks to Chenoa, I went and had a closer look at the above video clip about why teachers in schools should be blogging. Having a teenage daughter myself, I could relate to the comments made about how our teenagers are coming home from school and going on line, seemingly doing a whole lot of stuff all at once. It truly amazes me, the speed at which they can switch from one thing to another. Having only just recently embraced the wonderment and excitement of modern technology myself, I now get a sense of why students 'power down' when they get to school.

Blogging could certainly make it easier for us as teachers. We could post resources, lessons and homework to students on a regular basis. We could use blogs to keep parents up-to-date on class happenings throughout the year and, as we all know, reflecting and sharing our ideas with colleagues is good teaching practice.

As for the students themselves, blogs could allow for the sharing of schoolwork with peers, parents, and others while also collaborating on class projects and receiving important feedback from others.

The other exciting thing for me was actually being able to embed the clip into my blog site for those of you who would like to take a look. Too easy.

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  1. Hi there Rondyroo,

    It really is exciting huh. I am just loving this whole concept of blogging and i believe that the opportunities for us in the classroom are endless.

    The prac classroom i am in right now has a limited awareness of technology and what is available. I am hoping that i can begin to implement some of these fantastic tools and provide them with that instant 'engagement' that we are all after.

    Look forward to your next posting,
    Kerri : )

  2. Hey Rondha,

    I love the video, it has some great statements about the concepts of using blogs. And I have to say that working out how to embed a youtube clip into my blog, by myself, was definately a precious moment.

    This E-Learning course in general has really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in the classroom, and find it hard to believe some teachers are not able to take advantage of this.