Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have had the opportunity to create a number of PowerPoints at university over the last year and a half. These Powerpoints were used to complement oral presentations, which according to Howard Gardner and his multiply intelligences (1983) can accommodate the diverse learning needs of our learners, including both visual and auditory. The PowerPoint is a visual method of presentation in the form of a slide show and when used with explicit pedagogical skills can enhance learning in both a student and teacher-directed environment (Smith, 2002-2008).
After reading “Using Buttons on a Slide Show”, I realized I already knew how to include buttons in a slide show. Last year we had to create a WebQuest as part of an assessment piece for SOSE and buttons were used throughout. Buttons were also used throughout my Learning Object on Flies, as seen above. Buttons allowed the user to navigate back and forth within the Powerpoint by using a 'mouse click' or 'mouse over'.

Internet4classrooms, provided easy to follow directions on how to include buttons into a PowerPoint, which for future creations I may need to use again as reference.

Smith, M. K. (2002-2008). Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences: The encyclopedia of informal education. Retrieved 18th August, 2009, from

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