Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I don’t think I had ever heard of a Podcast (the blend of the two words ipod and broadcast) before starting my university degree, let alone accessing one or trying to create one. I understand now that a Podcast is a digital media file that is distributed over the internet for playback on portable media players and personal computers. Podcasts can also be syndicated, subscribed to, and downloaded automatically, using an aggregator or feed reader such as Google Reader (Commonwealth of Australia, 2008).
I do remember commenting to a lecturer at the beginning of the year on how great it would be if our readings were delivered via Podcasts. I find it very difficult to vertical read a lot of information off the computer, and while I do print some readings, others are just too long to print out and read. As a parent I would love to be able to download the readings via Podcast and listen to them while I do the other million things that I have to do.
In the cast of students, myself included, we could listen and learn whenever and wherever we wanted. I have to travel an hour each way to university so being able to listen to a podcast while travelling would be very productive learning. Podcasts could also be useful for revising content. Podcasting also allows educators to present information on a student’s audio, rather than visual channel. Information that students acquire in sessions and through reading, can be reinforced through the brain’s auditory channel. Listening to content rather than reading may be a student’s preferred way of learning (Advanogy, 2003-2007).
There are many podcasts available that teachers can use to supplement their own resources. Podcasts range from the more professional, for example ABC Radio programs, to ones produced by the general community. By subscribing to podcasts, we could compile a range of dynamic content that can provide the basis for activities and learning.

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  1. Hi again Rhonda,

    I was just like you and had no idea what a podcast was until i commenced this course. Now i can see so many benefits but......what are we going to do with the old hearing posts, wont we miss them! Not!

    There are so many different podcasts, that cater for so many different needs, available on iTunes. I was blown away when i began to investigate the opportunities we have available to us. I know this probably sounds really corny, but, each day that goes be i am becoming more excited about what lies ahead of us.

    Until next time we chat,