Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards

Hi again.
I have heard a lot of teachers talk about interactive whiteboards and how they would love to have one in their classrooms, but I have yet to experience how an interactive whiteboard works. After having a look at the Interactive Whiteboard Demonstration on YouTube, I now understand that an interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a white board and the power of a computer. They really are an extension of your computer. The whiteboard includes a projector that can bring lesson files, websites, videos and images to life. Whatever you can imagine doing on your computer with a mouse, you can do on the whiteboard with your hand or a tool. For example, opening up a word document to playing a powerpoint presentation. The build-in software allows you to save and hold documents for later use. This would be very beneficial if the teacher needed to revise previous parts of the lesson for clarification. Interactive also means that documents can be student generated. Some systems also include a control panel that enables the user to connect multimedia devices. Interactive whiteboards appear to be easy to manage and maintain, leaving the user free to focus on teaching and learning. What a way to keep lessons interactive and engaging.


  1. Hello Rhonda,

    When you do get the chance to use an interactive whiteboard, you will love it. As long as we are providing students with the pedagogical skills that are needed, the IWB will provide a fantastic engagement tool that will keep our students focused.

    I had the opportunity to use a IWB during my placement last year and i miss it terribly. The opportunities are endless and there are so many existing frameworks and documents available for us to use.

    Congrats on your blog and i look forward to chatting soon.

  2. Hi Rhonda,

    I have had the opportunity to use the IWB's for the past two years, and I will be dissapointed if I end up in a school which does not have this technology (I guess I will cope).

    You definately need to keep up the good teaching pedagogy, or even this technology becomes disinteresting, however used in the correct mannor it is irreplacable. Students can interact on an individual or class level in all subjects.

    I have found it especially useful with maths, digital storytelling, and initial engagement. Put your PPT on there during lessons with open ended questions to ensure a quality lesson. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who does not use these IWB's to their advantage in their classrooms.

    You would enjoy this technology in the classroom, it enables all of these delivery technologies come to life.


  3. Hi Rhonda,

    I love the YouTube clip on IWB's. Thanks!

    Like Kerri and Kellie, I too have been given the opportunity to use an IWB. It takes a bit of practice, but the students are always willing to help me out. I think they are a brilliant tool with endless capabilities. However, I think it is vital that we make sure we use it for it's purpose, to interact. This of course is by having students frequently interact with tool itself, and not just letting it become a teacher tool. My mentor teacher is brilliant at this and is constantly engaging students by having them interact with the IWB. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two of her!!

    Your blog looks great!

    All the best,


    P.S I have little fish on my blog too!